Chocolate, the key to better sex

Chocolate, the key to better sex

The hormone kisspeptin in this delicious snack was found to increase the desire and the performance in men who suffer from low libido. This theory was proven to be true and not only the chocolate works in those cases but, in fact, can be even more stimulating than the smell of a perfume or pictures of people who, the subject in question, will feel attracted to.

This research might seem a little odd for some but, truth is, psychosexual disorders affect up to one in three men and the treatments options are very limited. This study revealed that consequences of this type of disorder include low desire, loss of libido or sex drive which are commonly associated to personal issues, stress or tiredness rather than psychological matters.

This study was conducted, mainly to look for alternatives and treatments to boost and stimulate brain activity and discard the belief that only physical distress or low hormone lever lead to a reduced sexual life. Even though this is an issue that clearly affects a lot of men out there, the misinformation about brain processes related to sexual performance is a negative burden.

With kisspeptin in mind (considered as the brain Viagra) this research team is hoping to start, soon, the first clinical trials on people who have been identified as low libido patients. Some great results are expected since, it has been discovered that, this hormone enhances parts of the brain where the processing of pleasant smells and facial attraction happen, this two factors are crucial to trigger sexual arousal along with the natural chemical stimulation that is required to release reproductive hormones where, kisspeptin, is expected to be an important player.

So now you know, a box of chocolate will not only works perfectly as a nice gift or a delicious snack but, also, as a powerful tool to enhance your sex life and even treat stress and depression.

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