Flavored Lubricant - its worth the try!

Flavored Lubricant - its worth the try!

Hopefully you are already sold on the overall  merits of lubes and are now entering a phase of ponderous contemplation on upping the ante. Let’s try moving on to an edible format of lubrication that smells and tastes good!

Flavored lubes can transform oral sex into a delicious experience for both parties, and water-based formulas with flavor additives are completely safe for swallowing. Ranging from fruity delights to sweet marvels representative of the dessert table at a wedding, the next level of sexual goodness is only a lube away.

The heyday of flavored lubrication is delivering responsible products reflecting the desires of modern shoppers with body healthy desires. For those who prefer natural products, you’ll find a large array of enhanced lubes engineered without artificial sweeteners or harsh chemicals. Lubricants are also often free of both gluten and parabens. Bonus – no aftertaste!

Bestselling flavors such as strawberry, cherry and vanilla are a great place to start, appealing to most palates. You can go crazy from there, with tropical fruits (passion fruit, pineapple, kiwi anyone?) and cocktail concoctions (piña colada, margarita) or ice cream imitations (salted caramel, crème brulee), all just a temptation away. Experiment and eventually you will find what you and your partner like! Some will taste like the real deal to you…and others may be bitter or synthetic tasting, but undoubtedly the fun is in the trying.

Water-based recipes are for multi-purpose use, performing all the usual duties required of lube. They provide moisture during sex to combat friction, as well as a delicious scent for your smelling enjoyment. Water-based flavored lubes are also completely reliable when used with latex, just as any other water-based lubricant. Attempt about a pea-sized amount to begin, and adjust with more as needed. You will have no problem getting clean. The lubricant will absorb into your skin as sexy time progresses, or you can rinse off easily with a splash of water.

Of course, some bodies are more sensitive to others, so it’s always wise to do a test run. If you experience any discomfort down below, play with a different product. In the heat of the moment, it’s nice to be confident that you won’t have an adverse reaction – no matter how sweet the flavor.

What’s the ultimate benefit of flavored lube? Let’s say your partner isn’t so into oral, and you want to incentivize someone to enjoy the process. Gelato flavored lube can prove to be a powerful motivator, making your nether regions irresistibly lick-able over and over again. Kinda like chocolate ice cream.

It works for solo play too! If you are accustomed to old school spit-lubrication, giving yourself a dosage of flavored lube (watermelon anyone?) can enlighten the entire masturbation experience.

Try to imagine that flavored lubes are like body butter for your genitals, a silky wrap of oozy, moisturizing liquid that carries with it the scent and taste of sexual promise. That promise should not remain tragically unfulfilled, so add a little flavor to your sex life right now!

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